Essential Synth Sounds

64 Synthesizer Voices (with samples) you must have into your rig !
Lead, Pad, Bass, Plucked, Sweep, FX, Brass, Mallet, Synth Strings…
Coming soon !

For the next ESS voices library, 16 slots will be reserved for user requests. So do not hesitate to write me or post your desired sounds in message.


2 thoughts on “Essential Synth Sounds
  1. David Myhill

    Hi there

    Just wondered when the Essential Synth Sounds are coming out for the Motif XF please?
    I’ve already purchased the Rhoditzer library and am very pleased with it.
    If you are still taking requests, how about the Fulltines sound from the DX7 MkII?


    1. Stefpiano

      Hi David, ESS will be released before the end of the year, I hope before the end of November. The Fulltines of DX7 is a good idea. I will integrate it into the bank
      Best regards


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