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Nord Keyboards

DiscoStrings for Nord KeyboardsDisco StringsBuy now
Andromeda For Nord KeyboardsAndromeda A6Buy now
Phoenix Brass For Nord KeyboardsPhoenix BrassBuy now

Disco Strings Convert For Nord Keyboards.
3 NSMP Files For Nord Sample Library :
– Disco Falls.nsmp
– Disco Strings.nsmp
– Disco Tremolo.nsmp

15 ns2p files for Nord Stage 2
-01:1     Disco Strings AB
-01:2     Disco Strings MW
-01:3     Disco Falls
-01:4     Disco Octaves
-01:5     Falls Octaves
-02:1     Disco Tremolo AB
-02:2     Disco Tremolo MW
-02:3     Disco Trem Oct
-02:4     Disco Attack
-02:5     Disco RomanticMW
-03:1     Disco Kavinsky
-03:2     Disco Pad MW
-03:3     Disco Pad 2 MW
-03:4     Disco FX MW
-03:5     Disco Ring MW


Phoenix Brass Convert For Nord Keyboards.
6 NSMP Files For Nord Sample Library :

  • PhoenixBrass.nsmp
  • PhoenixShaker.nsmp
  • Unison Piano
  • Unison Mezzo
  • Unison Forte
  • Sax Section


Andromeda A6 Convert For Nord Keyboards.
28 NSMP Files For Nord Sample Library :
001 Africa Horns
002 Ballad and Bass
003 Classic Oh Bee
004 Complexture
005 Deep Feelings
006 Deep Pop Bass
007 Dreamer’s Pad
008 Fat Meenee
009 MeltsInYourMouth
010 Padamongous
011 Plucked Bass
012 Poly New Man
013 Pulse Strings
014 Pwm
015 Saw
016 Sine
017 Soft Strangs
018 Sol in Andromeda
019 Sqr
020 StellarOrchestra
021 Taurus Bass Pedal
022 Trance Bass
023 Tri
024 Word of Proffet
025 2PwmSyncUnison
026 2SawSyncUnison
027 2SawUnison
028 80’s Polysynth


All Voices are Resampled from the SPDIF output of Motif XF.
The Files were edited and looped (4 secs) with Nord Sample Editor.

Voices & Samples for for Nord Keyboards :

  • Nord Stage 2 EX v1.00+
  • Nord Stage 2 v1.00+
  • Nord Piano 2 v1.00+
  • Nord Electro 5 v1.00+
  • Nord Electro 4 v1.00+
  • Nord Electro 3 v1.16+
  • Nord Wave v2.02+

Format :NSMP


11 thoughts on “Nord Keyboards
    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Buck,
      I have no information on this but NS3 is compatible with Nord Sample Library.
      So you can import NSMP files. On the other hand, I do not think we can import NS2 programs

  1. Edwin


    I’m looking for good brass sounds (nsmp) for my Nord Electro 5HP.On your website I reed that Phoenix Brass has 2 files (phoenixbrass.nsmp and phoenixshaker.nsmp).
    But in the new video of Phoenix brass for Nord keyboards I reed there are 6 nsmp files (PhoenixBrass.nsmp, PhoenixShaker.nsmp, Unison Piano, Unison Mezzo, Unison Forte, Sax Section).
    Please let me know the right number of files.

    Many thanks, Edwin

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Edwin,
      Since update 1.21, there are 6 NSMP Files For Nord Sample Library :

      Unison Piano
      Unison Mezzo
      Unison Forte
      Sax Section

      Best Regards

  2. Artashes

    Hello !
    My name is Artashes and I have Nord Stage 2. I would like to buy the brass samples, but If you could please make the short video of the Phoenix Brass on Nord Stage for understanding of their possibilities ?) Usually Nord has a problem of limiting of the velocity layers at the sample section and it is really very difficult to understand how it will sounds.
    Thank you!

  3. Marty

    Can you add details for the size of these .nsmp files for the Nords (I can’t seem to find that information on your site). If I can fit them in, I’ll be adding the Phoenix Brass and Disco Strings.

    Memory is a bit more limited on the Nords so potential purchasers may need to make sure they can fit them alongside other samples they may need.

    Many thanks, Marty

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Marty,
      Disco strings has 3 files :
      -discofalls.nsmp : 1,3 Mo
      -discoStrings.nsmp : 18,7 Mo
      -discoTremolo.nsmp : 11,3 Mo

      Phoenix Brass has 2 files :
      -phoenixbrass.nsmp 24,3 Mo
      -phoenixshaker.nsmp 3,8 Mo

      Andromeda has 28 files :
      The size is between 53ko and 2,7Mo per file


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