Disco Strings for Kontakt

Disco Strings for Kontakt


The Disco Strings Mainpatch for Kontakt utilizing over 120 MB of new disco strings samples.

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The Disco Strings Mainpatch, utilizing over 120 MB of new disco strings samples.


Product Description

Disco Strings library programmed by Keyboard Waves

Kontakt FORMAT

* Format: .NKI
* Kontakt 3.5 minimum
* Name: Disco Strings Kontakt v1.2 * Size: 120MB
* Voices: 1 Voice

The Voices Descriptions

Real Samples of Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, D Basse) mixed to make an original sound “playable” on keyboard :

  • Forte : String Falls (articulation commonly used in disco charts)
  • Mezzo : Fast attack and long sustain mezzo forte
  • Piano : Long attack ans long sustain piano
  • 2 “attack” samples in random mode for a different attack to every keystroke.
  • 120Mo of Waveforms.

6 reviews for Disco Strings for Kontakt

  1. Figge

    DANG!!! When I saw the lib I was like “yeah yeah yeah…It’ll sure work….NOT…” but then I listened to the demo, which , in all honesty , didn’t give me that much info (If you want to really impress ppl make one with great audio!) but I still thought that it may be worth the small price…and YEEEAH!!!! IT SO WAS!
    I am very impressed! The first strings that can play legato, hard attack and also have nice falls in the same pgm!!
    Very playable.
    I bought the Kontakt version and the only thing I’d love to have is the ability to bend up a semitone and maybe a whole tone. To some extent it can be done with pitchbend (which is set at +-3 and I can’t find where to change it?!?!?!) but it’d be so preferable to be able to maybe keyswitch in the bend. Only that thing. Apart from that I am very very very surprised!
    I just had to replace some brass in a jingle with discostrings and thought it’d be a nightmare but it was slammin!

  2. MiiM

    Hey Keyboard Waves,

    I recently purchased disco strings… and i’m impressed w/ how well they sit in a proper disco track and the overall playability… esp. the attack on faster lines where u need clarity and a sort of chunkiness…

    I wanted 2 let u guys know i’ve made a proper Kontakt library for this nki and wondered if u guys might be interested in it…
    hit me up if so… and keep making those superb libraries…

  3. Tibor

    Puchased the Kontakt Version right now and i have to say THANK YOU!!

    I was searching months for this sound!
    Thank You

  4. Stephen

    Hi Stef,
    Your strings sound perfect. I’ve been buying various version of String instruments (software), without achieving the real disco strings sound that you’ve achieved with this product. I was wondering if I buy the Kontakt version will I be able to open the files in wav format so that I can somehow remap them into the Reason NNXT sampler (my sampler of choice)? If not will they play in the latest free Kontakt player, or will I have to buy the full version?

    Sorry for the 101 questions but I mainly write in Reason with Midi keyboards & have wasted many months unsuccessfully trying to get the correct tonality, so hoping not to have to relearn a different sampler instrument – Steve

  5. Phillip

    Just purchased Disco strings for Kontakt.. Very very nice. I was looking fr something like this for very long tim, especially Disco Falls. Very expressive, feels good when using Novation MIDI controller. Thank you Stephane! Phillip

  6. Eddie G

    Purchased the Kontakt version of these yesterday and they sound absolutely superb, came just when I needed a better Disco String sound for a track I’m working on.

    Thanks, and Well done Stef 🙂

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