Clavinet copie

Clavinet D6 Vol.1

Clavinet D6 for Motif XF, XS, EXS24 & Kontakt

Hohner Clavinet D6 Model sampled thru Radial ProD2 Direct Box.

Vol 1 =  Both pickups DB & DA :

DB : Both Pickups, Full Sound.

DA : Both Pickups, Out of Phase

For Kontakt & EXS24 : 

Vol.1 ; 2 Sounds : DB & DA

  • More than 425 Mo of sample data
  • 5 velocity layers for each white note
  • Key Off Sample (Release)
  • Full Sustain (No Loop)
  • 24 Bits Resolution

For Motif XF & XS Yamaha

Vol 1

Specifications :
5 Velocity Layers
128 Mo of Samples
Key-Off Samples (Release)
Full Sustain (no loop)

Controllers :
MW = Damper (Mute)
Ribbon = Plate Reverb
Assign 2 = Detune
Assignable Functions = Register Switches for Tone Colors (High and Bass)

2 X 16 Presets : USER 4
(DB = Both Pickups Full Sound; DA = Both Pickups Out of Phase)

001 Clavinet D6 DB
002 ClavinetDB AutoWha
003 ClavinetDB TouchWha
004 ClavinetDB Phasy
005 ClavinetDB Flangy
006 ClavinetDB Chorus
007 ClavinetDB Medium
008 ClavinetDB ReAmp
009 ClavinetDB Soft
010 ClavinetDB Mezzo
011 ClavinetDB Forte
012 ClavinetDB Detuned
013 ClavinetDB Brillant
014 ClavinetDB Combo
015 ClavDB Stereo +1oct
016 ClavinetDB Arpegiat

017 Clavinet D6 DA
018 ClavinetDA AutoWha
019 ClavinetDA TouchWha
020 ClavinetDA Phasy
021 ClavinetDA Flangy
022 ClavinetDA Chorus
023 ClavinetDA Medium
024 ClavinetDA ReAmp
025 ClavinetDA Soft
026 ClavinetDA Mezzo
027 ClavinetDA Forte
028 ClavinetDA Detuned
029 ClavinetDA Brillant
030 ClavinetDA Combo
031 ClavDA Stereo +1oct
032 ClavinetDA Arpegiat


12 USR Waveforms :

001 DB ff 001
002 DB f 001
003 DB mf 001
004 DB mp 001
005 DB pp 001
006 DB Off 001
007 DA ff 001
008 DA f 001
009 DA mf 001
010 DA mp 001
011 DA pp 001
012 DA Off 001


4 thoughts on “Clavinet D6 Vol.1
  1. B.Minor

    Wow, really sounds great! I’d be willing to buy one of the Motif versions immediately.

    However, I wonder if I can safely purchase the Motif XF version, as the knowledge is required if any of your 32 pre-programmed user patches actually uses effects introduced per XF OS V1.50. As you know, these newer effects are not available on the MOXF; therefore these sounds wouldn’t play there as presented. Stef, could you please clarify if availability of V1.50 effects are required? I guess, if your XS and XF versions were programmed in the same way, I’d be safe! Thanks!

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi B.minor,
      Thanks for your post.
      I programmed with OS 1.50 but I used new Gtr FX only for 2X2 sounds : ReAmp & Combo. No HD reverb
      All other presets should sound in the same way. I often say that insert a FX is easy. The bulk of the work is to programme The Main patch (001), the most important and longest thing.
      To give an idea about the programmation time : one Mainpatch 90% – 32 Presets 10% !

      XF file was converted into a XS file with the software “Motif Wave Editor” by John Melas, the best way I know.



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