13 October 2019

Click Track For Live Performance

Your drummer should love you

I post the click track waveforms I use for live performance to synchronize with playback tracks. These click sounds are normalized and, I hope, nice to listen to. The format is Wav 44,1KHz, 16bits, Tempo : BPM = 100.

Click Track for Live Performance
Click Track for Live Performance

Click Sound : Simple and Smooth (right click on the play-button to download)

Count of 2 bars at the beginning;
e.g. : |1-2-|1234|…

Cue (or marker) with Heavy BEEP when we will change section
e.g. : Verse To Chorus or Changing Key

END Count at last bar to warn of the end of the song

When Tempo is less than 120 BPM , I use a Click 1/8 with Shaker on 1/8 note between. it’s more accurate to follow.

I use Logic Pro and UltraBeat with my own “CLICK” drumkit preset. All the patterns above are in the sequencer. A very simple way to very quickly create a complete click track: just drag and drop …

You can add the name of the song (generated by adobe audition by e.g.) at the beginning of the Click Track to avoid sending the wrong song.
I recommend several other articles like : Sound on Sound By Gavin Harrison and drummingreview.com by Nick Cesarz.


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