12 April 2018

Control Your Monitoring Level

In Stage, the common mistake to be avoided, is to increase the output volume of keyboards if you have trouble hearing. You risk saturating the keyboard track and unbalancing the main mix. It is important to always send a constant level to the sound engineer. I share a simple trick to control my stage monitoring level : 

  • I use a simple analog potentiometer in Mini Jack (3,5mm) like this  :
  • I fix it on the keyboard using an adhesive Velcro (Hook and loop fastener).


  • I connect to input my monitor mix from my soundcard with a simple 3.5 mm plug (mini Jack).
  • I connect to output my favorite headphones Inner Ear Type : the Sony Mdr-EX800ST.
  • The final result looks pretty much like that :



A different way, if you use active monitors, you can control their levels with a stereo volume pedal


4 thoughts on “Control Your Monitoring Level
  1. Gav

    Hi and thanks for the tips. Hey I really like the stereo volume pedal idea with the actives…..what’s the best quality pedal to use for this scenario?


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