5 December 2014

Disco Strings Converted For Korg Kronos

discostrings for Kronos

-100 Mo of sample data (44,1 KHz, 16 bits)
– 2 osc with “Falls” Samples on velocity 110 to 127.
– OSC 1 : 2 Multi Strings Layers + 1 “Falls”
– OSC : 3 Attack Strings + 2 “Falls”

8 user sounds :  Bank USER G
U-G000: Disco Strings
U-G001: Disco Strings Without Falls
U-G002: Disco Strings Falls
U-G003: Attack Strings
U-G004: Disco Strings Octave
U-G005: Disco Strings Octave Without Falls
U-G006: Disco Strings Falls Octave
U-G007: Strings Pad
U-G008: Disco Strings Vintage


9 thoughts on “Disco Strings Converted For Korg Kronos
  1. Michael Gallien

    When I unzip there are two foldersMAC OSX and Kronos 1.3. Inside of those are a lot of other files. Should that be? I am having trouble understanding what should be loaded into Kronos. You state copy the file,. Should it be folder, folders or file. Help. Can you do a video on loading diso strings to Kronos

  2. Colin Kelley

    I purchased Disco Strings for my Korg Kronos. I had just updated to the latest Korg firmware and the install directly from a USB drive didn’t work for me. I got this error message on auto-load:

    The following KSC files refer to unavailable sample data: Disco Strings 1_3_User_Bank.KSC

    But what did work was a variation of what’s shown on this Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-QtAyf98nQ

    I used the Disk Utility to make a folder on the Kronos hard drive and copied the entire unzipped folder structure and files from the USB drive into the new folder. The Korg prompted me that they were in an old format and asked if I wanted to convert them. I said ‘yes”. That worked! After that I set it to Auto-load.

  3. robert

    hi, i just purchased the disco strings for my kronos x73 but am unable to figure out how to install from my usb drive to my kronos. can you provide step-by-step instructions, please? the youtube demo was fantastic and i’m looking forward to using these sounds. thanks!

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Robert,
      Thanks you for your support !
      -Unzip the download file
      -Copy the file on a USB key
      -Load the KSC file with PCG on Kronos
      -Load the Bank “USER G” on “Prog” Mode
      -Play the 8 user sounds



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