5 December 2014

Disco Strings Converted For Korg Kronos

discostrings for Kronos

-100 Mo of sample data (44,1 KHz, 16 bits)
– 2 osc with “Falls” Samples on velocity 110 to 127.
– OSC 1 : 2 Multi Strings Layers + 1 “Falls”
– OSC : 3 Attack Strings + 2 “Falls”

8 user sounds :  Bank USER G
U-G000: Disco Strings
U-G001: Disco Strings Without Falls
U-G002: Disco Strings Falls
U-G003: Attack Strings
U-G004: Disco Strings Octave
U-G005: Disco Strings Octave Without Falls
U-G006: Disco Strings Falls Octave
U-G007: Strings Pad
U-G008: Disco Strings Vintage


4 thoughts on “Disco Strings Converted For Korg Kronos
  1. robert

    hi, i just purchased the disco strings for my kronos x73 but am unable to figure out how to install from my usb drive to my kronos. can you provide step-by-step instructions, please? the youtube demo was fantastic and i’m looking forward to using these sounds. thanks!

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Robert,
      Thanks you for your support !
      -Unzip the download file
      -Copy the file on a USB key
      -Load the KSC file with PCG on Kronos
      -Load the Bank “USER G” on “Prog” Mode
      -Play the 8 user sounds



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