13 October 2015

Disco Strings For Nord Stage 2

Disco Strings Convert For Nord Stage 2.
3 nsmp Files For Nord Sample Library :
– Disco Falls
– Disco Strings
– Disco Tremolo

15 ns2p files for Nord Stage 2
-01:1     Disco Strings AB
-01:2     Disco Strings MW
-01:3     Disco Falls
-01:4     Disco Octaves
-01:5     Falls Octaves
-02:1     Disco Tremolo AB
-02:2     Disco Tremolo MW
-02:3     Disco Trem Oct
-02:4     Disco Attack
-02:5     Disco RomanticMW
-03:1     Disco Kavinsky
-03:2     Disco Pad MW
-03:3     Disco Pad 2 MW
-03:4     Disco FX MW
-03:5     Disco Ring MW

Disco Strings resampled from the SPDIF output of Motif XF.
The Files were edited and looped (4 secs) with Nord Sample Editor.

nsmp Files Compatible Products
Nord Stage 2 EX v1.00+
Nord Stage 2 v1.00+
Nord Piano 2 v1.00+
Nord Electro 5 v1.00+
Nord Electro 4 v1.00+
Nord Electro 3 v1.16+
Nord Wave v2.02+


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