Disco Strings

 Real Samples of Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, D Basse) mixed to make an original sound “playable” on keyboard :
-Forte : String Falls (articulation commonly used in disco charts)
-Mezzo : Fast attack and long sustain mezzo forte-Piano : Long attack ans long sustain piano
-2 “attack” samples in random mode for a different attack to every keystroke.

8 user sounds for Motif XF :
A01 : Disco Strings ( with falls )
A02 : Attack Strings
A03 : Super Strings
A04 : Falls Strings
A05 : Tremolo Strings
A06 : Arco Strings
A07 : Slow Strings
A08 : Disco Strings ( w/o falls )

Control :
Velocity = Attack and Falls
MW = Tremolo
Assignable Fonction 1 = 2 Octaves
Ribbon = Reverb

Patch A01 : Disco Strings ( with falls ) available for Kontakt and EXS24 formats


83 thoughts on “Disco Strings
  1. Håkan Norlin

    I bought the disco strings and Phoenix brass for EXS24 and I guess I can manually export/import them into my new Yamaha Modx. But it would be much simpler if I could buy the sounds with some kind of discount. Is that possible ?

  2. Samuel Richard

    Hi ! Thank you so much for this.This is definitely the sound i was looking for. I just had a couple questions for the kontakt version. I’ve tried without success to reproduce the presets that the other versions have ; A01 : Disco Strings ( with falls ), A02 : Attack Strings, A03 : Super Strings, A04 : Falls Strings, A05 : Tremolo Strings, A06 : Arco Strings, A07 : Slow Strings, A08 : Disco Strings ( w/o falls )

    I would LOVE to be able to add tremolos and falls to my strings for certain projects i’m working on ! I read all the comments on here and went on the FAQ and even tho it is explained in certain of the comments, I can’t seem to obtain any results on the DAW that i’m using. ( I’m using FL studio). Is it possible to recreate these presets on kontakt and be able to use them on a DAW and if so, how could I achieve it ? Thanks so much for your help 🙂 !!

  3. christian_kel

    On my iphone / ipad I easily imported the disco strings for EXS24 with the app AudioLayer and can play them live. Excellent ! 🙂

      1. Chris

        You Need the esx24 sampler from logic or mainstage.
        There go to the edit Button .
        Here you can export the esx24 DiscoStrings over the iCloud in the folder of the iOS App „AudioLayer „.
        AudioLayer can direct open most esx24 patches without Problem.
        Best regards, Chris

  4. Jason

    Hi I just bought the sample Library for Kontakt and the strings sound amazing,

    But since I don’t use Kontakt that often, I don’t know how to activate different “sample” sets.
    For example my strings sound very normal, but I want them to have that “fall” effect for which I bought them. But the Kontakt Player has just so many options that I don’t know where to change that haha.

    Kind regards Jason

  5. Joni

    Just bought this sound-set for Kronos 2 88. Very nice little String set indeed! Others were right about this, these sounds are very playable and sample quality is very nice. You can make very nice Combis from these sounds, no doubt it. Well done! Ps. more sounds for the Kronos would be nice!

      1. Stefpiano

        Hi, for Kronos 2 this comment will help you :

        I purchased Disco Strings for my Korg Kronos. I had just updated to the latest Korg firmware and the install directly from a USB drive didn’t work for me. I got this error message on auto-load:

        The following KSC files refer to unavailable sample data: Disco Strings 1_3_User_Bank.KSC

        But what did work was a variation of what’s shown on this Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-QtAyf98nQ

        I used the Disk Utility to make a folder on the Kronos hard drive and copied the entire unzipped folder structure and files from the USB drive into the new folder. The Korg prompted me that they were in an old format and asked if I wanted to convert them. I said ‘yes”. That worked! After that I set it to Auto-load.

  6. Simon Early

    2 questions –
    Does the Kontakt option work on both Windows 10 and Mac Sierra version of Kontakt 5?

    separately, if I wanted to use this on Mainstage 3.3, I have both ESX24 and Kontakt to choose from. Which would you recommend is the preferred option and why?
    (CPU load, features / ease of use etc)

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Simon,
      Yes Kontakt Version works in the same way on Mac or PC.

      For Mainstage 3, I use the EXS24 version, best Ram & CPU usage but this sampler is cheaper than Kontakt.

      For the best result, I recommand the Motif Version, the hardware with which I programmed the Disco Strings.

      Best regards

    2. Simon Early

      I bought the ESX24 version . I have put the files/folders into the places as per the PDF, I have rebooted MS3.3 but I cannot see the Disco Strings anywhere in the instrument selector?
      Can you please provide instructions?
      I dont have Logic on my Mac, just Mainstage 3.3

      1. Stefpiano

        With New Update of Mainstage 3.3, Put samples on /Users/username/Music/Audio Music Apps and Program file on /Users/username/Music/Audio Music Apps/Sampler Instruments.

  7. Martin

    After listening to the great sounding demos, I purchased the EXS versions of CP70 and Disco Strings. CP is working flawlessly, but when loading the strings i get the message ‘Audio file “VI-14_stac_mf1_G#3.wav” not found!’

    Somewhat strange, because they share the same installation procedure and the audio files are stored in the EXS Factory samples folder.

    I am using Logic Pro X 10.2.4.

    Am I doing something wrong here?

    Regards, Martin

      1. Markus Zimmermann


        I bought the disco strings for Kontakt and the sound is fantastic but i have a little “ssppp” noise in the end of the notes. This is strange!

        Can u help me?

  8. B. Minor

    Congratulations, Stephane!

    These are the most natural sounding strings I’ve ever played on the Motif series (in my case now a MOXF). This library is perfect for the purpose it was made for, but the usefulness goes far beyond that. For example I can think of using these fantastic strings for musical scoring as well. There’s much power and intelligence behind the concept and programming of this set. Thanks a lot!

    Can’t wait to listen to your forthcoming Hohner Clavinet D6 library! Hope it will be released soon!

    1. Stefpiano

      Thank you very much Lorimar,
      I take my time for the Clavinet D6, I want to feel samples as alive as when I have the real D6 under the fingers !

  9. Figge

    DANG!!! When I saw the lib I was like “yeah yeah yeah…It’ll sure work….NOT…” but then I listened to the demo, which , in all honesty , didn’t give me that much info (If you want to really impress ppl make one with great audio!) but I still thought that it may be worth the small price…and YEEEAH!!!! IT SO WAS!
    I am very impressed! The first strings that can play legato, hard attack and also have nice falls in the same pgm!!
    Very playable.
    I bought the Kontakt version and the only thing I’d love to have is the ability to bend up a semitone and maybe a whole tone. To some extent it can be done with pitchbend (which is set at +-3 and I can’t find where to change it?!?!?!) but it’d be so preferable to be able to maybe keyswitch in the bend. Only that thing. Apart from that I am very very very surprised!
    I just had to replace some brass in a jingle with discostrings and thought it’d be a nightmare but it was slammin!

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Figge,
      You can change the pitch bend range below the Source / tune menu :
      Mod / Pitch bend : set on 1.0 st for each group to bend up by 1/2 tone.

      Best regards

  10. MiiM

    Hey Keyboard Waves,

    I recently purchased disco strings… and i’m impressed w/ how well they sit in a proper disco track and the overall playability… esp. the attack on faster lines where u need clarity and a sort of chunkiness…

    I wanted 2 let u guys know i’ve made a proper Kontakt library for this nki and wondered if u guys might be interested in it…
    hit me up if so… and keep making those superb libraries…

    1. Stefpiano

      Thanks you very much Miim,
      you’re completely right about the quick attack of strings that allows a good playability.
      For your Kontakt library, contact me via the contact page, please !
      Best regards

  11. Ferdi


    how can the 3 nsmp files be modulated on a Nord Electro as, unlike the Nord Stage Stage, it does not have a mod wheel.

    Is there a demo that shows how the sounds can be played on a Nord Electro?

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Ferdi, You are Right, No Mod Whell on Nord Electro.
      So I doubt it’s possible to modulate between 2 nsmp like on Nord Stage.
      I have no NE to confirm you.

  12. Greg

    Hi Stef
    Will the Disco Strings work on my Korg KROME ? Not a Kronos but Krome , I would love to have these strings on my keyboard .
    Thanks Greg

  13. okan

    – Hi, is that working with kronos 2 also? I asked because, some sound library’s created on older kronos and not working on kronos 2. Thanks.

      1. okan

        Hi Stefpiano, I’ve allready asked you, is this working kronos 2 n you sad me a no problem. But not working, kronos return older version please help me quickly, thanks.

  14. Stephen

    Hi Stef,
    Your strings sound perfect. I’ve been buying various version of String instruments (software), without achieving the real disco strings sound that you’ve achieved with this product. I was wondering if I buy the Kontakt version will I be able to open the files in wav format so that I can somehow remap them into the Reason NNXT sampler (my sampler of choice)? If not will they play in the latest free Kontakt player, or will I have to buy the full version?

    Sorry for the 101 questions but I mainly write in Reason with Midi keyboards & have wasted many months unsuccessfully trying to get the correct tonality, so hoping not to have to relearn a different sampler instrument – Steve

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Steve,
      Many thanks for your post.
      I can send you a Reason File : .sxt
      converted with Translator from Kontakt Version.

  15. carsten bo larsen (denmark)

    Hello Stef
    I am a NORD user and would like to download your fine disco string samples – but how much GB is the samples? and how does it work on NORD with the 8 user sounds for Motif – do they come as 8 different nsmp files?


    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Carsten,
      I will post new videos with Nord Stage 2. I’ll make different programs for the Nord Stage 2 with the “Disco Strings” and “Phoenix Brass”. For now, only the samples are available on the website. They were tested on a North Piano 2.

      1. Ferdi

        Hi Stef,

        The strings really sound great.
        What size (MB) are the program(s) for the Nord library?
        Is it one big program with all sounds (falls, tremolo etc) or are there different programs for each sound?

        Best regards

          1. Stefpiano

            Hi Ferdi,
            – DiscoStrings.nsmp : 18,7 Mo
            – DiscoTremolo.nsmp : 11,3 Mo
            – DiscoFalls.nsmp : 1,3 Mo
            Best Regards

  16. baden

    I’ve purchased the disco strings for the kronos every time I try to load it wipes all my preset banks and set lists. I play in a 70’s disco band so desperately want to add these sounds to my sounds not over write all my originals help?

  17. Jost Ziegner

    your disco strings sound quite good. Is it possibe to transfer it to the yamaha moxf 8. I have a additional flash board with 1 GB free space. Lot’s of sounds are compatible between motif and moxf.

    Greetings from germany


    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Jost ,
      Thanks a lot for your post.
      Yes, of course all xf sounds are compatible for moxf. You can load Disco Strings into your Moxf Flash Ram. You just need to have 110Mo of free space.
      Best regards

  18. Zach Hollows

    Great sounding strings, there’s nothing quite like them! And thank you to Stef for helping me out with the right format,

    Thanks again,


  19. Raphael M

    Hi, I have a question regarding the Disco strings packaged for the EXS 24 sampler in Logic. I’ve just downloaded them and they sound awesome, however they show up as only one preset. They’re not listed like the 8 separate user sounds patches you have for the Motif XF. Is there any way I can have them configured the same way?


    1. stefpiano@me.com

      Hi Raphael,
      Thanks for your support !
      Yes, EXS24 has got only one preset : the mainpatch, he sounds exactly like the motif’s mainpatch.
      EXS24 or Kontakt don’t manage the presets like a Hardware (like Motif or Kronos).
      With Hardware, it’s very easy to create a patch, you edit your sound and you save it on a user bank.
      With Software, you can edit the sound on sampler but on the host application too (Logic Audio or MainStage).
      For example : -if you want create “A08 : Disco Strings ( w/o falls ) » motif preset, the best way is to change the velocity range on mainstage , not on exs24.
      -If you want to “2 Octaves » , load 2 EXS24 on 2 different tracks and up the second one to +12 1/2t.
      You can recreate all the 8 presets because they are all variations of the mainpatch. it depends on your way to work.
      Rhodes ans Wurlitzer have got one preset too for EXS24 & Kontakt because only FX change : -the motif FX engine is not the same like the MainStage FX !

      Hope this helps!

      Best regards

      1. Raphael

        Merci Stéphane, Your quick reply is clearly explained and well appreciated.
        Good work on those string samples. 🙂


  20. Phillip

    Just purchased Disco strings for Kontakt.. Very very nice. I was looking fr something like this for very long tim, especially Disco Falls. Very expressive, feels good when using Novation MIDI controller. Thank you Stephane! Phillip

  21. Marvin Clemena

    I purchased the Disco strings few days ago for my Kronos. It sounds fantastic.
    There is one issue i’m hoping you could help me with. I get a “sample not loaded”
    message on top of the screen every time I go through the patches. So I uploaded the
    Disco strings again, It would play again. But after you power down and power back up,
    I get the same message again even when I had the Auto load function on.
    Please provide instructions on how to properly upload and save this plugin.
    Thank you,

  22. Eddie G

    Purchased the Kontakt version of these yesterday and they sound absolutely superb, came just when I needed a better Disco String sound for a track I’m working on.

    Thanks, and Well done Stef 🙂


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