4 January 2018

Keyboard Player’s Safe Bag

Many keyboard players have a safety bag when they leave to perform their show. With it, they are sure to have all the necessary equipment on-the-spot, in any situation.

For my part, I use a simple backpack with many pockets (AG SPORTBAGS’00 ‘ONLY ONE).

Inside there are :

  • All my duplicate audio & electric cables
  • 2 Direct Boxes ( from Radial )
  • Small Sustain Pedal
  • Audio headphones
  • Dynamic Microphone
  • A lot of Audio Adapter like 3.5mm to TRSM
  • 2 sizes of 2 X batteries : AA & AAA
  • Reading Light
  • Universal AC/DC Power Adapter with Multi-Voltage
  • USB Hub
  • Many USB cables in various formats
  • Clone Hard Drive ( for my macbook )
  • A pair of gloves for mounting

You are free to complete this list by what you think is essential for a live gig.


2 thoughts on “Keyboard Player’s Safe Bag
  1. Ron

    MIDI (5 pin) cables? Cable tester? Three prong outlet tester? Basic first aid kit. For outdoor gigs- reflective car windshield shade screens (just did this yesterday in 105+ degree sunny weather). Flat black display shroud (DIY).


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