Motif XS

Voices & Samples for Yamaha Motif XS : waveform (wav) for the Yamaha Workstation Motif XS.


2 thoughts on “Motif XS
  1. Arthur Graham

    I just purchased phoenix horns and mark II rhodes for my motif xs 6 . they sound and feel cold . the tone is harsh and does not sound warm like your videos. the horns sound out of tune and the sample switching inside a voice is not mixed well. are there any patch adjustments that will fix this. I can’t recommend these motif xs sounds to my students and customers. I am a berklee school of music graduate . Boston Mass. USA. I teach and play trombone, piano , vocals and bass guitar, keyboards. It seems like these sounds were created primarily for the motif fx but then converted to motif xs format.can you fix this?

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Arthur,
      Thanks for your support !
      I’m Stephane from keyboardwaves, I will try to help you.
      Yes the original sounds are made on a Motif xf. I convert for xs with motif creator by chicken sys. Until now, I have not had complaints from xs users with these sounds.
      Does the difference affects 2 sounds or only one ?

      Best regards


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