9 September 2017

MIDI PANIC on Apple Store

MIDI PANIC is the First Application for iOS by KeyboardWaves.

MIDI PANIC is a Panic Button to kill all MIDI Notes and reset all Controllers to all MIDI channels.
MIDI PANIC is absolutely essential for anyone using MIDI for a Live Gig.
Press button and destroy all freezing/holding notes on your Rig and reset all Control Changes.


Available for Ipad and Iphone on Apple Store.
Requirement : iOS 10

Current Features:

• To all Midi Channels (1 to 16), to all Midi Ports:

– Send CC123 “ALL NOTES OFF“
– Send CC01 “Modulation“ to 0 (OFF)
– Send CC11 “Expression“ to 127 (Full)
– Send CC64 “Sustain Pedal“ to 0 ( OFF).
– Send Pitch Bend Reset
– Send Individual NOTE OFF Messages (C-2 to G8) to all channels because some older MIDI machines do not respond to the CC123 “ALL NOTES OFF“.

• Screen to see All MIDI Ports Connected.
• Options Menu to choose Control Changes to send.
• Bip sound when Panic button is pressed.
• Works via virtual MIDI Network (Wifi) or virtual Midi Port.

Available on Apple Store For Iphone & Ipad : 



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