MIDI Panic

MIDI Panic is a Panic Button to kill all MIDI Notes and reset all Controllers to all MIDI channels. MIDI Panic is absolutely essential for anyone using MIDI for a Live Gig.
Press button and destroy all freezing/holding notes on your Rig and reset all Control Changes.

Current Features:

• To all Midi Channels (1 to 16), to all Midi Ports:
– Send CC123 “ALL NOTES OFF“
– Send CC01 “Modulation“ to 0 (OFF)
– Send CC11 “Expression“ to 127 (Full)
– Send CC64 “Sustain Pedal“ to 0 ( OFF).
– Send Pitch Bend Reset
– Send Individual NOTE OFF Messages (C-2 to G8) to all channels because some older MIDI machines do not respond to the CC123 “ALL NOTES OFF“.

• Screen to see All MIDI Ports Connected, CC sent & Channels.
• Options Menu to choose Control Changes to send.
• Channels Menu to select MIDI Channels.
• Bip sound when Panic button is pressed.
• Works via virtual MIDI Network (Wifi) or virtual Midi Port.
• Disable Timer to prevent lock screen.



2 thoughts on “MIDI Panic
  1. Morin christophe


    i purchased your application on the appstore.
    Unfortunatly whatever i am trying to setup i cannot get the panic button working.

    I cannot find support online how to set up my macbook with your apps.

    Can you help ?

    So fare i am just getting more and more disappointed, mostly with the lack of information from the developer….

    best regards

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Christophe, Midi Panic is very simple to use if the routing midi is correct. Can you explain how you want to use it with your macbook ?
      Best Regards


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