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Phoenix Brass

New “Real” Brass Ensemble for Motif Yamaha with great feeling.
111 Mo of sample data
8 new waveforms :
-2 random Trombones, 5 velocity levels
-2 random Saxophones, 5 velocity levels
-2 random Trumpets, 5 velocity levels
-1 Shake Trumpet control via MW
-1 Release Key Sax Samples on Key Off-
-Reverb control via Ribbon
-Stéréo Imaging of the Section

001 Phoenix Brass (Main Patch with Trp +1 octave )
002 Phoenix Unisson (Main Patch with Trb, Sax & Trp unisson)
003 Phoenix 3 Octaves (Trb -1 oct, Sax, Trp +1 oct)
004 Phoenix In The Mix ( Equalized & Compressed for Live Set)
005 Phoenix Shaker
006 Phoenix Sforzando
007 Phoenix Detune
008 Phoenix Soft
009 Phoenix Far
010 Phoenix Natural (without EQ & Comp)

001 Trb 1
002 Trb 2
003 Sax 1
004 Sax 2
005 Trp 1
006 Trp 2
007 Trp Shake
008 Release Key Sax


41 thoughts on “Phoenix Brass
  1. Cris Montanari

    I liked the samples, but I missed the more combis for the Korg Kronos. They are only three programs, and a single combi. I could have something done, already with Sforzando, at least. I’m going to work here, to prepare a combi for live use. But no doubt, the samples are pretty cool.

      1. Randy Gamble

        Thanks, Got that taken care of. My next issue is upon turning my board off the sounds disappear. the names are still there but no sound. please help

  2. Michele

    Just bought Phoenix Brass

    The overall quality is good, but several loops need to be adjusted.
    I ‘d pay a little more if the loops were correct.
    In this situation, I must listen Waveforms and keybanks one by one and correct the bad loops by hand.
    Not completely satisfied.

  3. Ez

    Hi, I just bought it to use with kontakt 5.

    but i can’t find how to play like 02:15

    and there are just 4 wave forms which are (trb, sax, trb, trb shake)

    did i download a wrong one? or is there another thing that i should download more?

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Ez ,
      Yes that’s good. Kontakt Samples are like the Motif Samples.
      I just program an auto “Sforzando” in the Motif Mainpatch (what you hear in 2:15, i think). The sound decrease before and increase after.
      I can’t make it with my Kontakt 3, because we need to edit an ADSR amplitude envelope with 2 “decay” to realise that.
      Best Regards.

  4. Chris Appleton

    Hello Stef,

    I purchased Phoenix Brass for my MOXF6 but cant seem to load the voices as there is no user bank 4. Does this work with MOXF6. I have Disco Strings and this works perfect.
    Regards from Australia

      1. Chris Appleton

        Hello Stef,
        Thank you. I did work out how to load the sounds into my MOXF6. I have noticed another problem though. If I am playing a Phoenix brass sound very fast and have been playing the keyboard for , maybe 1 hour either from voice or a performance which contains a Phoenix brass voice , sometimes the note will hang and/or the keyboard will freeze and the keyboard will not respond to anything. The only solution is to turn off the keyboard and turn back on again. I tried erasing and reloading Phoenix brass but the result was the same. If I delete Phoenix brass and then play for one hour I do not have this problem with any other voice or performance from the keyboard. The problem only happens when playing a Phoenix brass sound. Have you experienced this before? Regards from sunny Australia.

        1. Stefpiano

          No, I never heard of this problem ! What is the note or sample freeze ? I feel that’s a keyboard or sampler flash rom trouble…

  5. Andrea

    Hi, i’ve just purchesed phoenix brass for my NS2. Is it possible to get some new programs/patches (ns2p) that use that samples please (like you did with motif)?

    1. Stefpiano

      Yes Andrea, I just finished the CP70, I can take care of the “Phoenix Brass” programming for Nord Stage 2 with a demo video !

  6. Michael Soma

    Can I buy the Phoenix brass living in Honolulu, Hawaii? If so how much does it cost and what would the procedure be. Mahalo. Mike


    Hi, I just purchased the Phoenix Brass for motif xs ..
    Now I want to know how to load them on my keyboard and use it as an instrument of the library, I have never loaded external sounds in the motif and not how.
    Thanks and hope for your reply.


      1. Insert your USB device into your computer’s available USB slot. Its icon
      should appear on your desktop.
      3. Copy the file called “Phoenix Brass XS.X0A” to your USB device’s icon (by
      either dragging the file directly to the icon, or going to your file menu and
      choosing “Copy” and “To” and selecting the USB device as your
      4. When the file has copied completely to your USB device, properly eject
      the USB device and insert it in the slot labeled “TO DEVICE” on the rear
      panel of your Motif XS. You will see a screen message that says
      “Connecting to USB device…”
      5. Press the FILE button on the front panel of the Motif XS. You should see
      the field next to “Type” highlighted and it should be set to “all”.
      6. Press the cursor up button once, then use the INC/YES button to select
      the file name “Phoenix Brass XS.XOA” Press the right cursor button once, so
      the “Type” field is highlighted again, then press the right cursor button
      again to move to and highlight the field next to “Load USR”. Use either
      the INC/YES button or the Data Wheel to change the field so it reads
      “USR” (if it does not say “USR” already).
      7. Press the SF2 button (Load). Then press the INC/YES button once.
      8. The library will start loading (you’ll see an onscreen message saying
      “Now Loading..”) When the loading process is complete, you will be
      returned to the FILE screen.
      9. Press the VOICE button on the XS, then Press the User 4 bank button,
      and press A01 to select the first voice, which is Phoenix Brass (Main Patch with Trp +1 octave ).

  8. antonio

    Purchased kontakt version. It sounds great ! Only a question : in your video there is a nice sforzando effect, but i don’t find a sforzando sample. So i think you programmed a filter envelope inside Motif. Is it correct ?
    Thank you

    1. Keyboardwaves

      Yes, Kontakt Patch has no Sforzando by default. The sound is raw because I know that most kontakt users create their own preset from the original samples.
      Motif Sforzando is created with a slow AEG and slow FEG (6dB / oct).
      Obviously, you can program it in kontakt.
      Best regards

      1. Don Smith

        Almost two years have past since the request for Brass in ES format. You really shouldn’t give people hope and not follow through.

        1. Stefpiano

          The Phoenix Brass could not be converted for Motif ES. The Es Sampler is obsolete and voices possibilities are insufficient to have an acceptable sound. Sorry

  9. André

    Hello, recently got her bank sampler disco strings for Motif XS. Congratulations for your work! You have forecast for this sampler Brass sounds?
    Some previous demo song to listen?
    Thank you, success always!


      Thanks for your support André, The Phoenix Brass will come soon.
      Like other sounds, there will be a demo video.
      Best Regards


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