Sexy Sax “Tenor” For Motif XS


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Voices and samples of Tenor and Alto Saxophones for Motif XS :

– 8 layers for multi-articulations :

2 Staccato Layers = Assignable Function 2
1 Sustain Piano Layer = Velocity (0 – 79)
1 Sustain Forte Layer = Velocity (80 -120 )
1 Bend Layer = Velocity (121 -127)
1 Vibrato Layer = Modulation Wheel
1 Growl Layer = Assignable Function 1
1 Keys Layer

– No loop (like real saxophone player)
– Wave Format : 44,1Khz , 16 Bits
– Sampled each whole tone

Tenor :

Selmer Mark VII
25Mo of New Samples
MIDI Range : Ab1 to C5


USR 1:001(A01) Sexy Sax Tenor
USR 1:002(A02) Sexy Sax Tenor Stacc
USR 1:003(A03) Sexy Sax Tenor Growl
USR 1:004(A04) Sexy Sax Tenor Vib
USR 1:005(A05) Sexy Sax Tenor Bend
USR 1:006(A06) Sexy Sax Tenor Piano
USR 1:007(A07) Sexy Sax Tenor Forte
USR 1:008(A08) Sexy Sax Tenor Keys


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