Production Drums

Production Drums

5 Drum Kits created by  for Motif XF & XS:

– 12 to 16 velocity levels
– Over 70 Mo of sample data
– Production Drums (Mainstream Drum Kit)
– Production Drums 2 (alternative BD)
– 1982 Kit (West Coast Kit from 80’s)
– Sneaky Kit (Fat Electro Kit)
– Big US Kit (R’n’B Production)

001 Bolton BD
002 Bolton BD2
003 Bolton Snare ONE
004 Bolton Snare
005 Claps
006 Close HitHat
007 Cowbell
008 Open HitHat
009 Pedal HitHat
010 Ride
011 RideBell
012 Stick
013 TomFloor
014 BD Sneaky .wav
015 Boomaa.wav
016 Fingersnap 1
017 Fingersnap 2
018 House Snare2
019 RS Snare2
020 SN Sneaky
021 BD ElectroA
022 Snare ElectroA


5 thoughts on “Production Drums
  1. daniel kinney

    do you have a video to teach me step by step how to make Drum Loops and Patterns. I am a Wizard on Keys and B3 but a DUMMY on my MOTIF XF 8 Yamaha Keyboard.

    I would pay you if you can make me a video


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