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Rhodes Mark II

Real “Fat” Fender Rhodes Mark II of 1981 sampled thru “Stage Live” passive D.I for your Motif :
-120 Mo of sample data
-8 to 12 velocity layers for each white note
-Release Sample for key off

8 user sounds :
001 Rhodes Mark II
002 Rhodes Reamp*
003 Rhodes Phaser
004 Rhodes On Analog Tap
005 Rhodes Overdrive*
006 Rhodes Babylon
007 Rhodes Keep Forget
008 Rhodes Just The Way

Control :
Velocity = 8 to 12 Layers
MW = FX Control
Ribbon = Reverb
* (only for XF rev V1.5 with GTR FX)

Patch 001 Rhodes Mark II available for Kontakt and EXS24 formats.


19 thoughts on “Rhodes Mark II
  1. Duy Khanh

    The Rhodes Mark II konkact sound is so good but I just had 1 sound user, where are the other? How can I Open them?

  2. Luke Howard

    Hi Stef. I just bought the Rhodes MK II sample and I’m trying to get it to work on my moxf. I went to file, load, type all and then clicked execute and a message came up saying the sounds were being installed to my external flash. After it finished loading I’ve been unable to locate the sounds. Let me know if you can help!
    Thanks, Luke.

  3. Christopher Ortega

    Stef. Is there any way to load these fabulous sounds without doing an all file transfer. Is Flash rom the answer. Love the sounds. Gonna get the Phoenix Horns next.

    1. Stefpiano

      Christopher, on File Menu, you can load just one bank (user 4) or just one voice from the “all” file. Flash rom can retrieve stored waveform even after having been power cycled. If you want more than 128 Mo memory, you need to have Flash Rom.

  4. Phillip

    Just bought Rhodes library for Kontakt. Beautiful sound. Will be taking it to the gigs.
    I have a small PC laptop with Kontakt, MIDI controller and keyboard amplifier. Sounds very good through the amp, very real. Thanx Stephane! Phillip

  5. Jens Arnold

    I Have a MOXF6. I like to buy Rhodes Mark II for my MOXF6.
    I have to buy the Motif XF Format for my MOXF6 ?
    After paying I can download the samples immediately?

    1. stefpiano@me.com

      Yes , MOXF format is 100% compatible with XF format if you have flashrom installed on your MOXF.
      The file (less than 128 Mo) is downloaded directly after payment !


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