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Choose your format (by Keyboards / Samplers ) on Shop Page and select sound.

Supported Formats are :

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For others formats, please contact me directly.


13 thoughts on “Supported Formats
  1. Will

    Dear Keyboard Waves,

    Your sound is very impressive! I would really love it if you could make this available for the Korg SV1. To install new sounds packs, there is a Korg Editor software that connects to the keyboard. I understand that korg have their own format for their own sound packs, but please let me know if anything is possible.



  2. Brian Nielsen

    Is the new Kronos format supported? I’d like to purchase the Disco Strings. If purchased, could you provide instructions uploading the library to the Kronos.
    Brian Nielsen (USA)

    1. Stefpiano

      Hi Brian,
      Yes, Kronos 2 can read old sounds from Kronos 1.

      – Copy the files into the kronos Hard disk or USB Key.
      – Select the file on preload.
      – Load the KSC file and check “on” for load PGM too.
      – The Presets are located in user G.

      Best Regards

      1. B. Minor

        Hi, I cannot see any reason why your XF library shouldn’t be playable on a MOXF equipped with a flashboard (able to hold up to 1024 waveforms). All XF voices should be readable by the MOXF without problems as it’s using the same sound engine as the XF and utilizes the same voices and effects (beside performances and arpeggios of course). The only attention would be for the user to take care into which voice bank the sounds will go when loading them from your X3A file (as the MOXF has lesser user preset locations). As a MOXF owner I’d also be very interested in purchasing your sounds. For sure it would be a potential advantage for you too, if you could check again what’s the reason behind your statement that your XF libraries are not compatible with the MOXF. Thanks in advance.

        1. B. Minor

          Okay, then I think we’re fine to purchase your XF libraries, right? After all the XF compatibility and the possibility to install a flash board are the two main reasons why people like us were heading for a MOXF instead of purchasing the expensive Motif XF 😉


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