Wurlitzer 200A

Wurlitzer 200A

Real “Hot” Wurlitzer 200A of 70’s, sampled thru its vintage printed circuit and its original components. -110 Mo of sample data -12 velocity layers for each white note (A0 – C6) -Release Samples for key off 8 user sounds :

(A01) Wurlitzer 200a
(A02) Wurlitzer Speakers
(A03) Wurlitzer Phaser
(A04) Wurlitzer Magic Echo
(A05) What’d Say
(A06) Goodbye Stranger
(A07) Dreamer Wurli
(A08) Wurlitzer Relax

Control :
Velocity = 12 Layers
Assign 1 = Tremolo Speed
Assign 2 = Tremolo Depth
MW = Chorus FX
Control Ribbon = Reverb

Patch (A01) Wurlitzer 200a available for Kontakt and EXS24 formats.


8 thoughts on “Wurlitzer 200A
  1. paul allen

    Hello can you please tell me can you get the Wurlitzer 200A sound for the Yamaha CP4 stage piano,i wonder what was the difference between the 200 and 200A i think it would have been the 200 Model that Nicky Hopkin’s used on John Lennon’s How Do You Sleep Song as that was 1971.


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